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Artificial Nails

We have a variety of products when it comes to artificial nails from different colored powder for long lasting nails to different kind of nail shape. Everyone has different kind of skin and nails and we have all kinds of powder and liquid to meet each customer's needs and what their skin and nails are capable of. We are known for quality of work and our outstanding nail art. If you have a picture of preference, we are most likely to duplicate it and meet everyone's satisfaction. Check out your choices and see what sounds right for you. If you have any question or concern, please don't hesitate to ask!


This is one our most popular services. Over 80% of our artificial nail customers wear no-chip gel polish, because they last long and stay shiny for over 2-3 weeks. Unlike a no-chip manicure, there is no smear and no waiting to dry

Full Set (Acrylic or Gel Nails)   Special $45/Reg. $50

Fill (Acrylic or Gel Nails)   Special $35/Reg. $40


Acrylic(CND) Full Set / Fill   $25 / $17

Gel Powder Full Set / Fill   $35 / $25

Gel Powder w/ gel polish Full Set/ Fill   $45 / $35

Pink & White Full Set/ Fill   $45 / $35

Pink Powder Fill   $25


There is two different ways to get a set of gels: full set is when we cut down your natural nails and add-on artificial tips onto your nails or you can keep the length of your nails and have powder on top of your nails. We have different kinds of powder for different kind of skin sensitivity. You can always add nail art and other add-ons to your nails and we shape your nails of your choice from square round to stilettos. We would like to meet everyone’s satisfaction!

Full Set or Overlay $40 

Fill-ins   $25 


The pink and whites consist of two different powders: the pink and white powders hence the name. We have different kinds pinks from light which is more natural pink like flesh tone. The medium pink has more of a tint of blush that makes your nails look alive. The dark pink is more of a reddish tone of pink. We also have a light pink glitter powder that would give you a little bling. The tech would apply the pink powder of your choice and and then size how you would like the white smile line to be. Then apply white powder. This gives you a solid color: no chipping and no fading if you like to stick with the same style every time. We also offer different colored powder if requested! Spice up the french style a little

Full Set $45 

Fill-ins $35 

Pink Fill-ins $25 


Pink and White ombre is the hottest trend today!!!, we specialize in this service with many shades of pink and white too choose from,!!!